Apple’s Mac App Store Reached 100 Million Downloads

In just under a year, Apple has reached 100 million downloads of Apps for the Mac, this according to a press release put out by Apple today.  The Mac store which was started to support Mac OS X, has been growing in leaps and bounds and currently has thousands of apps and has reached this milestone in a very short time.

They also announced that the iPhone App Store, which is the example upon which the Mac App Store is built now has over 500,000 apps online and has had over 18 Billion downloads.  According to Apple, the downloads have reached the one billion downloads per month on the iPhone App Store.

These numbers are proving all of those in the software industry wrong in a major way.  Many people did not want to give Apple 30% of their software profits but due to sheer numbers, many of these same software manufacturers are now taking the “if you cant beat them, join them” attitude in order to stay competitive and relevant in the very tough market and even tougher economy.  This numbers game has been the driving factor plus the fact that developers can now go international with very little effort.

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