Alpha Release for Mini vMac Emulator V. 37 Available

The Gryphel Project has released an alpha release of the latest version of the Mini vMac Macintosh Emulator. This update includes a number of bug fixes and some changed behavior in the emulator including:

* Mini vMac will now check if a disk image that is being mounted looks like a Macintosh disk image format (HFS or MFS), and if not decline to mount it, showing an error message. This helps prevent accidentally corrupting other files, especially when using ImportFl.

But there are some other disk image formats that you might want to mount, such as Fat16 and ISO (which can be used by the emulated Macintosh with additional software). Or, you may be trying to create your own new disk image and want the emulated Macintosh to initialize it. In these cases you can use a version of Mini vMac compiled with the new “-ndp 0” option to turn off this protection.

If a Branch option prior to 37 is chosen for compatibility with an earlier version, the default is “-npd 0”, and you can use “-npd 1” to turn on this protection.

* The emulation of VIA timer 2, used for playing sound, has been modified when running at greater than 1x speed. There is no correct behavior in this case, it is just a matter of picking what has the best compatibility with the greatest number of programs. This change fixes a reported issue with HyperCard, as well as playing alert sounds in the Sound control panel, and the “Try Scale With Sound” command of ResEdit. However it also no longer passes the Clock/Interrupt Test of MacCheck. Which seems a good trade off, unless further issues are found. (A program to test hardware *should* notice that something is strange when run at greater than 1x speed.) The specific change made is that timer 2 now continues to run during extra cycles only for the duration of a short timer interval, rather than continuing to run in this case until the end of the extra cycles. (Normally, the timer is paused for the extra cycles.)

Compiled binaries for Mini vMac V.37 are not provided as of yet, however, the source code is available for individual users to build and try. For more information about the vMac Macintosh Emulator version 37 app, check the vMac webspage at:

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