Adonit Coporation Makes JotStudio Free for 1 Week

JotStudio is an application specifically made to the allow precision drawing using Jot by Adonit.  The application lets you take note and draw in the application, arranging photos and other media around the drawing.  While you can draw badly by hand, having a Jot or JotPro stylus is really your best bet.

While initial reviews of the App have been less than stellar, it is still worth the look.  Adonit has some issues still to deal with in the App including the proverbial hand on the screen making marks or “Wrist Guard” as it is known.  While the screen shot that Adonit provides for JotStudio shows a hand squarely on the screen of the iPad, this definitely will not work.  We liked the potential of the program in spite of the flaws and there are definitely some parts of the program which are heading in the right direction.

JotStudio is normally a $1.99 App but is currently free until the end of this week.  You can download JotStudio from the iTunes App Store at:

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