A Slew of Updates this week for Apple

This week is scheduled to be one of the biggest update weeks in the history of Apple, Inc. with a slew of program and product updates coming.   On the agenda are:

  • Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2
  • iTunes 10.5
  • iOS 5
  • iCloud
  • iPhone 4S (HD Video, 8MP Camera, 64GB)
  • iPod Touch (Pricing Change, new white edition)
  • iPod Nano (Pricing change,  new built in sensors)

With all of the updates happening at once, it is easy for some of the items to get lost in the fray.  There has been a lot of talk about the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 along with iCloud but not much on the other releases.

Mac OS X 10.7 has needed an update for a while now.  Many people have been complaining rather loudly about the bugs in 10.7 and 10.7.1, hoping that Apple would hear their pleas for help.  While 10.7.2 is scheduled for a 12 October release, there are rumors on the web now that it will actually happen a bit earlier than that, along with the update for iTunes.

iOS 5 and iCloud are both expected to be released on the 12th of October as well, and will surely slow down Apple’s servers to a crawl for a few days.  All these software updates all coming simultaneously has disaster written all over it but hopefully Apple has taken into account that there will be a massive overload and increased their server capacity for such eventuality.

The new products coming just two days later on the 14th of October are just as impressive and include the iPhone 4S, a new White edition of the iPod Touch, new pricing on both the iPod Touch and the updated iPod Nano, which now includes the sensors needed to work with Athletic tracking programs, right out of the box.  These are the products that Apple is hoping will carry it into 2012 with record profits for the company.  The iPhone 4S was put up for pre-ordering and sold completely out within about 20 hours in the United States.   This does not even gauge the interest in the other countries where the product will go on sale on the 14th of October, simultaneously with the opening of sales in the US.

The coolest gadget may not even be the iPhone 4S but instead may be the fact that there is a watch band conversion for the latest version of the iPod Nano which Phil Schiller so capably used as a prop for his presentation at the October 4th event.  This makes the iPod Nano a wonderful replacement for all those Casio databases as well as the long suffering Seiko Instruments Ruputer (Known as Matsucom OnHand PC in the US) which has not been updated since early 1998.

This update by Apple is definitely one for the ages and will certainly show Apple which direction they will go after losing their leader, Steve Jobs this past week.

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