Emailler Updated to Latest IP65 Release

Emai//er, the email and Usenet news software package for the Apple //e Enhanced or Apple IIgs, has been updated. Emai//er version 2.1.14 is a major update, coming after a nearly two year hiatus, and updates the suite to the latest version of IP65.

Changes in the program according to the author, Bobbi Manner, are as follows

Addresses tickets #75 and #76 in the ticket database..

The IP65 release Emai//er has been using was a couple of years out of date, and various improvements and fixes have been made to IP65 in the meantime. The API had also changed, so some code changes were required in Emai//er to reflect this.

Note that it was also necessary to switch to a more recent cc65 compiler (otherwise IP65 appears not to work properly.) The very latest cc65 as of today has a regression which caused it to generate bad assembly for when compiling edit.c. If you want to build Emai//er yourself, please be sure to use this version of cc65: This is the most recent cc65 prior to the regression. Hopefully this issue will be resolved shortly and we can switch to the very latest cc65.

Functionally, this release should be identical to 2.1.13, although there may be some improvements to the reliability of the networking code due to the updated IP65.

You can download the latest version of the Emai//er suite from the Github page at:

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