Apple II Particle Simulation

Studying the pseudo random number generation with a particle simulation of the binomial distribution using a Galton’s board in Double LORES.

More information:

The simulator uses 96 single “particles” that are kept in constant movement following a pseudo-gravitational force which makes them move through the board.

This simulation also demonstrates some of the capabilities of the DoLORES-library project.When a simulation run is finished “Gravitation” can be reversed forcing the particles to move back upwards allowing a restart of the simulation.

Movement behaviour of the particles is chosen by using a pseudo random number generator in a three phase state machine for simulating the gravitational force (a very simple physics engine here).Press “R” to reverse gravitational force, “P” to toggle the particle port open or closed and “Q” to quit the simulation.

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About the Author

Marc-Andre Golombeck

Dr. Marc A. Golombeck is a physician and a physicist working in the field of cancer therapy and radiooncology. He is also an Apple ][ enthusiast since the age of five when he was first introduced to the fascinating world of Apple ][ computing. Today his main interests are focused on programming 6502/65C02-assembler for the Apple //e platform.