HTML+ and HTMLView for the Apple IIgs Released

Two new HTML tools for Babelfish on the Apple IIgs have been released. HTML+ and HTMLView by Chris Vavruska are now available from the Speccie website. According to the press release in the google groups,

HTML+ is a translator for Babelfish, which allows you to import an HTML file directly into applications that support Babelfish, like Spectrum. Using the Babelfish utility Convert File you can translate HTML directly into other text formats such as the Apple IIgs format Teach. 
HTML+ also works the other way as well, allowing you to export HTML data so that documents created on an Apple IIgs can look similar on more modern computers. 

HTML+ can be obtained from:

I am also releasing a companion project HTML View. 

HTMLView allows you to view the contents of an HTML file right from the Finder. You can choose either HTML+ or the HTML Toolset to do the importing right into an Text Edit control. You can then choose to copy to the the clipboard for use in other applications that do not directly support Babelfish. 

HTML View can be obtained from

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