SIM8800 Now Runs BASIC and Chess

Charles Mangin has announced an update to his SIM8800 Altair Emulator for the Apple II. SIM8800 is a graphical version of the Apple80 Altair Emulator by Dann McCreary and shows the standard Altair “lights” in low resolution graphics on the Apple II screen.

The Update to SIM8800 includes the a menu giving the emulator ability to run two flavors of BASIC and also includes Microchess as well as the original Kill-The-Bit as a demo now.

SIM8800 comes complete with a 5.25 inch Apple II floppy disk image and a 4 page manual both of which you can download from here. The latest version of the SIM8800 emulator is at:

The Manual for SIM 8800 can be downloaded from:

If you are interested in the original Apple80 Altair Emulation package, the disk is at:

The manual for Apple80 is at:

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