Rumors about new products related to Apple Inc.

Has an iPhone 5 Prototype made it out of Apple?

It is possible that an iPhone 5 prototype has made its way out of the unknown labs at Apple. According to a Gizmodo article, it appears that a Chinese manufacturer of iPhone cases is showing an iPhone 5 in one of their cases, complete with the miniaturized dock connector.

The question now: is it really a prototype, or is it just a simple mockup?

If we look to history, we know that prototypes from Apple have made it out into the wild, so it is possible that this one is in fact a real model. One recalls the case of the iPhone 4 prototype left in a public house. However, one would expect security at Apple to be tighter these days, so perhaps not.

Gizmodo says that the images do look realistic, but we know that with computer graphics constantly improving, the limits of creativity and imagination are really the only thing holding someone back from making mockups.

The 7.85 Inch iPad is Coming — According to Samsumg Official

An unnamed official of Samsung, the Korean electronics manufacturer and Apple’s biggest parts supplier, gave an interview in The Koream Times saying “The contract is expected to rise to $11 billion by the end of this year as Apple is planning to release a smaller iPad, probably with a 7.85-inch screen, and to sell more of its MacBook Air PCs using Samsung’s faster solid state drive (SSD) storage

While Apple itself would never mention any information about products that are forthcoming and certainly would not divulge information which competitors could use to take on the behemoth, it seems that Apple’s suppliers are not holding the same “cards close to the chest” type attitude when it comes to Apple’s contracts.   Samsung is known primarily to be Apple’s bitterest rival in the global smartphone market, but they are also providing nearly all of the memory and displays found in the devices which Apple sells.

Speculation on the smaller iPad or the iPad Mini has been rife throughout the media for sometime now.  The market really has been waiting for an Apple product that would compete directly with the Galaxy Tab and the Amazon produced Kindle Fire.  Many people are speculating that the new iPad 7.85 Inch version will come out later this fall, however, the fall time frame has been traditionally the update of the OS and the Mac Mini for Apple.  It is quite possible that Apple will use the Mini theme with the iPad and release the iPad Mini with the latest Mac Mini.  And like the Mac Mini, the iPad Mini would likely be under powered next to it’s larger cousin as well as have less memory.  It is not likely that we will see much cost savings’s though as Apple is known to charge more for their products.  Speculation that Apple would sell the iPad Mini for $199 to match the Kindle Fire is a bit farfetched unless Apple intends to give away the farm and make money other ways.

Also revealed in the interview was Apple’s intention to use Samsung’s faster SSD drives in the future MacBook Airs.  The article seems to suggest that Apple will continue buying their components from Samsung for the immediate future.  And while it is not surprising that an official leaking information would not want to be named, however, it also seems that Apple needs to clamp down even further on what information their partners release when they do decide to actually purchase those parts from them.

Apple Store Now Offline in Anticpation of New Products

The Apple Store has been taken offline in anticipation of updates from this morning’s Apple Event in San Francisco.  The event in which the highly anticipated iPad 3 or iPadHD as some are calling it may also feature Apple’s latest rendition of the Apple TV unit which allows users to watch iTunes Store movies on their television.   While no hard details are out yet, there are a ton of rumors swirling around with everything from a complete new television to a major upgrade to the products.

The Apple store going offline is now normal practice prior to the Apple events and usually, it comes back online just after the products are announced.

The Apple store is at:

AAPL: Apple Shares Push Through $500 USD Mark

Apple Inc (AAPL) shares pushed through the $500 USD per share price mark early in trading today.  While the up tick did not last, it was a major mile stone for the stock which is projected to go to at least $550 to $580 USD per share range by a number of analysts on wall street.  The stock traded most of the morning in the $498 and $499 USD per share range after pulling back from the $500 mark.   After the noon hour, the shares once again pushed back through the $500 a share mark, closing the day at $502.60 USD per share for the day.  After hours trading pushed the shares even higher to the $505.88 USD per share mark.

Several rumors are pushing the stock right now including the iPad 3 which is supposedly being announced March 7 as well as a supposed dividend being paid to share holders.  neither rumor has been confirmed, yet many media outlets are picking up on them and pushing the story.

iPad3 to have A6 Chip and 4G Data

A report on the Boy Genius Reports website this morning is showing photos of a purported screenshot from code showing Apple’s next generation iPad.   According to the report, the iPad 3 will contain Apple’s A6 Chip and will also be quad core.   The new iPad will also be compatible with GSM, CDMA, and LTE networks of all major phone carriers.   This would likely include the latest 4G networks as well.

Source: BGR

What’s Really Coming on the 19th of January 2012 from Apple

On January 19th, 2012, Apple Inc. is scheduled to have an education related announcement in the heart of New York City. While many in the world are speculating that apple is trying to “destroy the textbook industry”, We suspect that they are just following up on several lines of thought.

First, Texas was the first in the nation to embrace to totally digital textbook idea. It currently saves the state 2 billion USD per year in text book costs. If Apple is really going to “destroy the textbook industry”, then it will have to have the help of three places. The Apple suppliers and factories.  Apple needs to deliver the iPad3 immediately and it must have markedly superior capabilities to the current models with upgrades in nearly everything.  The cameras, the memory, the UI, and of course the power of the machines.  Second is the states.  Apple also needs the states to buy the iPads  and buy into the idea that digital text books are better than the paper ones. Thirdly, the textbook manufacturers.  Apple is  also going to have to get the current textbook publishing companies to go completely to digital copies of books and abandon the idea of printing books on paper (please tell me where we have heard this idea before). Of course, while we are at it,  why not destroy the entire physical book industry.  Could this not the end of the entire hold it in your hand type book industry? (Again, tell me where I have heard this before)

What little do we know that as of 19 January 2012, everything in our libraries will become controlled by computer and by the amount of memory in the computing device. If a glitch or hardware failure hits them, they are gone! Great idea!  That way the book companies can charge consumers for another copy of a book they have already paid for.  Thankfully, Apple has resolved this blight in the system for us by already incorporating that into the cost of the initial copy.  But this will get people buying books from Apple and now it will be very easy for  every book we ever order can be checked out by someone in the Ministry of Truth.

Second, the ebook publishing format currently used by Apple with their iBook store is epub2. epub2 is outdated and definitely not up to snuff with the current level of ideas in the digital publishing arena. They must implement epub3 and do it not only quickly but also they must support it with their announcement. If they fail to implement the new standards, they will not only not get the support from the publishing industry that they need, but they also will not get the teachers or the schools or states. Apple’s 1980’s education initiative put apples in many schools across the country but there were definitely haves and have-nots in that game.I suspect that the Trash-80 vs Apple wars came out of this idea of haves and have-nots.  Unless Apple is going to subsidize an iPad for every student in the US, we will likely have this same flame ware between the Android Tablet vs Apple iPad users  of this generation. This subsidization might deplete 10 percent of their 85 Billion Dollar war chest of cash.  Perhaps the Ministry of Plenty will forgive them for being so generous and the Ministry of Peace will thank them for ending the perpetual wars between the haves and have-nots.

Thirdly, Apple must make it easier to publish to the Apple book store. Our suggestion that iPublish is the new publishing product that they will introduce on the 19th is not far fetched.  It would definitely get the ball rolling to the point where everyone and their brother in the publishing industry would suddenly publish for Apple and no one else.  Should such an app not appear on the goodie bag list, Apple could suffer for a long time in the publishing arena and it would likely make any push for the education initiative mute point. Up until now, they have always supported the larger publishers when introducing the latest products and failed miserably at getting the smaller mom-and-pop shop types on board.  Apple must get them and the end consumer to the same playing field as those big guys. This failure to provide a clear path to the promised land is the reason that many of the smaller publishing companies wind up paying through the nose to some big publishing company just to reach that playing field. This is definitely the one area they need to improve upon if they really want to get ahead of the game.

Will Apple announce the iPad3? Not likely, but they may have a pre-anouncement type announcement which they will announce the initiative and then say when the iPad3 comes out, it will be available, similar to Steve Jobs famous “You don’t need an SDK” statement at WWDC 2007. We all know that changed in a hurry. With all of the parts rumors going around, it is possible that we may see the iPad3 mid year 2012.

Thus the announcement will be “We are starting an Education Initiative, we are digitizing books (already been done), and the book companies are on board (already been done).” No hardware and quite possibly, no software which would make this the biggest non-event type event Apple ever had. Oh Wait, there is one more thing….I was dreaming.

The real announcement will be “iPad3 with 256gb memory in 2 months, iPublish in 2 months, and all current major text books on iPad3, including those used by major universities in time for school year 2012-2013 to start”.  One more thing…Break out the check books!

iPad 3 Coming in March 2012

For those who have been waiting for the next edition of their iPad, it appears that your wait is nearly over.  Bloomberg is claiming that the iPad will be released in March, complete with high definition screen as well as LTE networking capability.   This speculation could be due to the Apple Event which is scheduled for next week, however,  it is highly unlikely that Apple is ready to deliver on such an advanced model of the iPad so soon.

The features of the new iPad will likely be similar to those of the new iPhone 4S in the camera category, one area Apple has yet to really improve drastically upon is the memory.  Current machines 64gb limitation is dragging on the real capabilities of the machines with downloads of just a few movies completely filling the current model iPads.  In order for Apple to clearly differentiate themselves from the other tablet machines, they are going to have to up the memory to a minimum of 256gb if not higher.

Source: Bloomberg

Apple Event Rumored to Be in New York in January

There are currently several rumors floating around about a supposed event which Apple will be holding near the end of January.  Speculation is ripe that the even will be help in New York, site of the recently opened grand central station Apple Store.  Many sites are speculating on whether this is the release of the iPad 3 or an event scheduled to introduce a new iTV product, yet we have been doing a bit of research on this and have found that it is likely to be education related.

Recently the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced the advent of their new Online Learning Initiative or MITx.  This is not unlike that which MIT and Stanford have been doing for years with OpenCourseware, however, this time, participants will be allowed to test and receive certificates of completion of the courses.  It appears that Apple will attempt to capitalize on this with their own initiatives involving iTunes and the current setup of the available courseware. This is a logical extension of the current program and it is possible that Apple will even include their own testing system in order to best facilitate the usage of the MITx courses.

Another area that Apple is likely to announce some type of publishing system, not unlike that which Google announced this past month with Google Currents.  We have labeled this new system iPublisher for simplicity sakes but expect that it would be a system which implements similar style publishing to that which Google and Flipboard have implemented. We also are expecting that the iPublisher would likely be a full blown book and magazine publishing system which can be utilized by the general public. iPublisher would be integrated tightly with iTunes, ISBN Sales from Bowker and the Apple Book Store.

As the time draws near to the event, there is sure to be more rumors about hardware and software, however, the likelihood that hardware would be released is low being as Apple just released the iPhone 4S and would not likely undercut their sales unless another vendor has something vastly superior on the market.  The nearest thing to hardware we would see this month is an update to the Desktop systems or possibly a faster CPU based MacBook Pro.

Two New Versions of iPad Coming in January

According to the DigiTimes site, two new versions of the next generation iPad are scheduled to make an appearance in January.     While Apple has as usual, no comment about the rumors, this is not unusual for their stance.  The funny part of this is that Samsung, Apple’s bitterest and most outspoken opponent in court, is the supposed supplier for much of the technology in the machine.   Apple will supposedly release the new machines at iWorld on 26 January 2012.

While we here at A.P.P.L.E. have been looking for new models but have been speculating more on the memory of the machines.  Supposedly the new models will have 14,000 mAh batteries which should make the iPad among the best in battery life.

To read the original story, check out the DigiTimes at:

New iPhone Scheduled for Late 2012

According to the BGR website, there is a high probability that the latest version of the iPhone will be released in Late 2012.  While the iPhone 4S was released as just an update to the iPhone 4, many of the features that were instituted into the 4S are only available on the 4S.  However, some changes in design including the case are coming according to BGR.  “We have also learned that Apple is planning to use a rubber or plastic material — similar to the material used in the company’s bumper cases — that will be built into the new iPhone case.”

Apple usually is really tight lipped and tight-fisted about their new products yet details of the next generation of their product is slipping out at a time when Apple has been lambasting the Internet for causing sales of their current products to slip due to rumors.   If the details in the BGR website prove to be true, this could be a departure from Apple’s total blackout on information and details prior to release of a product.

While the BGR site is speculating still about screen size being 4 inches, our focus is more on the realities.  Memory is an issue which we hope that Apple will resolve.  Many of us have our 64GB devices plum full and are looking for the next iPhone or iPad to have 256gb as a maximum size.