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Apple Products from the current generation of items.

WOzFest 14.25045 MHz Announcement

From the europlus zone blog: I’m very happy to announce the date for the next WOzFest, WOzFest 14.25045 MHz – Saturday 23 November 2019, starting around midday Sydney time (UTC+11:00). The theme for WOzFest 14.25045 MHz is the Apple ][ europlus, my favourite Apple ][! More generally, international Apple ][s (including the j-plus, which I have just […]

RetroChallenge RC2019/10

Greetings everybody! The RetroChallenge is now calling for entries in the RC2019/10 competition (1st-31st October, 2019). Time to get you thinking caps on and come up with a retro inspired project and join in the fun with other contestants blogging, tweeting, and generally having fun. If you haven’t joined in before, pop on over to […]

Mactracker App Updated

The Mactracker app has been updated. Mac tracker, a program created by Ian page, gives details of all the current and past Mac and Apple systems products and devices. Mactracker version 7.8.2 was released on 6 September and offers the following updates to the application. Adds details on the latest macOS releases. Update support status […]

3D-Engine V.1.10 released!

On August, 1st 8-Bit-Shack has released V.1.10 of the 3D-Engine into the wild! A self-running demo of this release is also available as DSK-image for use on real wood or with an emulator! Features 3D-scene rendering engine controlled by user defined script Up to 8 3D-objects per scene with individual rendering settings 3D-rendering engine features: simple and fast wireframe mode hidden line algorithm […]