Apple Unveils Mac OS X Mountain Lion Preview

Apple Inc. is giving users a bit of an advanced look at what the next version of Mac OS X will look like.  The Mac OS X Mountain Lion Website gives a few hints and also allows members of the developers program to download beta versions of the OS.  The Developers Program login requires membership in Apple’s Developers Program, a paid service of Apple Inc.

The latest version of the Mac OS X Family will include a closer integration of communications between apps and machines and promises to work much more like the iPad in respect to the flow of the programs.  iCloud is an integral part of Apple’s plans with Mac OS X Mountain Lion, currently listed as Mac OS X 10.8.

The release of the Messages App today is another way Apple is enticing users to get on board with the app prior to it’s release sometime later this summer, likely in time for the annual developers conference in Muscone Center.

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